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a i l s a  r o b e r t s o n

"Ailsa Robertson's works using Photo Emulsion are naturally meditative, with a shallow range of subtle tones to reveal the image. 'Contemplation' is an interesting, almost dream-like image due to the play of light and the relationship of the head to its reflection. The shadowed profile seems to hold its own image in the single form of its gaze.

'Beyond Surface' plays with the idea of a visual image, here is a seascape visibly brushed onto canvas. the brush marks draw our attention to the artifice of the surface, hovering between the implied truth of the camera and the process of painting. The understated execution of these works is refreshing and thought provoking in terms of how we as human beings visualise the world. Robertson's work reminds us that 'Beyond Surface' there is always more to see."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Georgina Coburn